Gutter cleaning at the Cambridge Science ParkGutter Cleaning

Most of us don't give a second thought
to the guttering on our property unless its broken or damaged, why would you? 
it's not very exciting.

But if your guttering is blocked or full of debris then it's not working at it's best, all that rain has to go somewhere, usually somewhere it shouldn't.

Potentially causing problems that could cost £1000's to fix 

Gutter cleaning at Station Rd CambridgeCompass 24 Cleaning use the
SpaceVac system, a quick and safe way
to clean the guttering on your property  

SpaceVac's powerful suction system combined with a bird's eye view video camera
provide unrivalled access and HD imaging to remove any unwanted debris from your properties guttering.

Leaving your guttering clean and free to tackle even the heaviest downpours the British weather can offer.

Gutter Cleaning Display Monitor

Prices Start from £60.00
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