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Window Cleaning Skills
Compass 24 go into Space
Window Cleaning Selfie
Solar Panel Cleaning
Merry Christmas from Compass 24 Window Cleaning


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Window Cleaning Skills

I just stumbled across this great little video

Hope you enjoy it


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Window Cleaning Skills
Oh yes, here is an awesome window cleaning compilation

Compass 24 go into Space

Sadly we have not been asked to clean the windows on the international space station.

But we are going up in the world with the new SPACEVAC system

When was the last time you looked or even thought about all of the debris in your properties guttering.
Chances are unless you have had problems in the past the answer is  NEVER

SpaceVac are the world leading manufacturer of high level vacuum cleaning and inspection system, this pioneering technology revolutionises high level gutter cleaning and high level interior cleaning.
Just like our window cleaning pole systems the SpaceVac allows Compass 24 operatives to work directly from ground level, safely and quickly, producing great results every time.

Our newly launched gutter cleaning service commencing March 2015

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SpaceVac Technologies Limited - Commercial Gutter Cleaning
SpaceVac is the revolutionary new choice for professional cleaning companies offering dramatic cost savings compared to inefficient traditional methods.Originally invented in 2008 to solve a speci...

Window Cleaning Selfie

With the recent phenomenon of taking self portraits with your smart phone sweeps across the globe, everyone from Hollywood A listers to you and I are taking
a Selfie.

Not to be out done Phil & the Compass 24 team thought they would join in.

A Window Cleaners selfie was born.

This is no ordinary selfie of course, with a brand new
GO PRO Hero 3  camera outfitted to one of our Phoenix 30 ft carbon WFP, capturing a unique picture of our working day.


Solar Panel Cleaning

In recent years the number solar panels featuring on properties in the UK has increased by 62% since 2003.
As UK householders & business owners search for clean, green energy, many taking advantage of government back schemes to promote there use.
With large numbers of properties seeing significant reductions in there energy bills, many panels have been installed for several years now, and much like the windows on your home they are subject to everything mother nature throws at them.
Consider this, the efficiency of photo chromatic cells which make up each panel are crucial to the to the production of electricity, So if your solar panels are dirty and covered in debris, it's costing you £££££££££££ in potential energy..
Compass 24 are among the first companies, to now offer a cleaning service for your solar panels. Ensuring your equipment is harnessing all the sunshine available.
Prices start from £30.00 and will vary depending of the size of your installation.

Merry Christmas from Compass 24 Window Cleaning

On behalf of myself & everyone at Compass 24 Window Cleaning
We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy Christmas and thank you all for your business over the past twelve months.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2013.
Our final day of business before the christmas break is Friday 21st December 2012 & we re open on Monday 14h January 2013.
Many Thanks
Lyndon Norman

New vehicles for 2012

They say change every now & then is good for you, so that's what we have done.
As some of our more eagle eyed customers will have noticed over the past weeks, our familar bright red vans have dissapeared and have been replaced with new silver ones.
The new vans now display our new business logo and are equipped with brand new water purifcation systems and built in water heaters, so when the weather gets cold and freezes, the water in our tanks stays a nice cozy 30 degrees, plus the hot water is really very effective at shifting tough grime & dirt. 

Compass 24 go back to school

Compass 24 go back to school.......
With the window cleaning industry becoming more structured and safety conscious than ever, the courses enable candidates to attain a nationally recognised accreditation (QCF), ensuring better competency and safe working practices for window cleaners.
We as company feel it's very important for our staff to not only have years of experience, but ongoing development and training, ensuring that we can always provide the best service possible to our portfolio of clients.

TV's The Crystal Maze

One of those slightly unusual jobs again, but really good fun and most importantly another very satisfied customer.
We recently took an enquiry from a customer to clean his windows at his home just outside Cambridge, with the addition of a rather fantastic summer house, which doubles up as an art studio.
Which upon closer inspection bears a striking resemblance to the Crystal Maze from Channel 4's tv show from the 1990's.

New Pictures Added - Water Tower Clean

 Just added some new pictures from last weeks Water Tower cleaning, Yes i said water tower!!
Follow the link: Click here 

Online Payments For Compass 24 Customers

 are pleased to announce the launch of our online payment facility for spring 2011.
Customers now have the option to pay there bill online via email, please contact us on 01223 323677 to setup the billing program.
Paying your bill or invoice online couldn't be easier, Once setup, you will receive an invoice via your email address, after each time we have visited your property to carry out a clean.
Simply open the email, click on the "Pay Now" Button, follow the instructions & confirm the amount.
Hey Presto, All done, Nice & Simple ! 
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