Facia & Cladding Cleaning

Compass 24 clean industrial cladding

The weather and climate in the United Kingdom
can be pretty fierce and unforgiving.

Over time outside structures will begin to bear the signs of this.

If your fortunate enough to own or occupy a building that is finished with cladding.

Good News, Compass 24 can clean it.

Compass 24 can clean it

Changing the appearance of your head office, factory, school or warehouse in a matter of hours.

This simple makeover can change the way potential clients view your business and enhance your public image.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximise the output of your panels

Just like a window, given time they become dirty and this leads to a drop off
in electrical output.

Which impacts on how much they generate & how much you save on your utility bills.

Our pure water system is safe and gentle to use on all solar panels,
our customers report seeing immediate increases on the their systems.
With increases of 25% or more easily achievable.