High Level Cleaning    

IPAF Operator High level cleaning

High Level Cleaning can prove a major challenge and raises serious safety concerns, if adequate precautions are not taken with such work.

Compass 24 hold IPAF operator training certificates for the use of access equipment such as cherry pickers & scissors lifts.
Allowing our team to reach those awkward areas safely at height.  

Internal cleaning with Vacuum based systemsMore often for Internal and External High Level Cleaning

Compass 24 use a High Level Vacuum system fitted with a  wireless CCTV camera system for precision cleaning
that will enable us to remove dust, debris up to 50 feet above ground level. 

The advantages of the vacuum based systems:

Cost: Motorized access equipment can be costly to hire or purchase,
Typical hire costs £250- £600 per day, depending on size.

Space: Access equipment is normally quite sizable, requiring large areas to be cordoned off during it's use. which can be problematic in public spaces or busy
working environment's.

Speed: Due to it's compact size and smaller working footprint, vacuum systems are able to cover and clean far greater areas in less time, when compared to traditional methods.

Safety: Whilst Compass 24 make every effort to ensure our working environment is as safe as possible, any occasion where our operatives are required to work at height,
presents possible safety concerns.
Vacuum based systems are operated from ground level
and reduce the possibility of injury through working at height.                                                     


Internal High Level Cleaning